Revealing Heaven II

Revealing Heaven II


"In Him, we live, we move, we have our being..."Acts 17. Come and learn where we all came from in Heaven, as the Father Reveals His heart! Revealing Heaven II takes you further into the mysteries of God and continues to unveil His home - HEAVEN! You will visit more amazing mansions, find out why God allows your pets to go there and learn about Higher Education. Kat also tells of the time when the Father caught her up to His throne and revealed His heart to His people! You can know the wonders of Heaven through her beautiful illustrations of the celestial realm. See where the little babies play and find out what the Valley of Falls is like as she continues her journeys to Heaven. Also be prepared for the Great Awakening that is about to be poured out on this earth. Jesus said it will be the most exciting time to be alive as a Believer! Kat Kerr, President of One Quest Intl, and author of Revealing Heaven series, has known the Lord for over 50 years. She walks on a foundation of holiness that started in the 1800's with her Great grandparents. Kat pours out her life for others while walking with eyes blinded by God's love! Hopelessly young at heart, she brings a message of HOPE and POWER while sharing (at the Lord's request) what she was shown when caught up by the Spirit of God and taken on tours of Heaven. Operating in a 'seer' anointing for over 25 years, Kat exposes the enemy's plans and shares how to create a habitation for Heaven in your home! Ministering nationally and internationally she brings the rhema breath of God which empowers Believers to become the manifested Sons of God!

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