Beat Arthritis Naturally : Supercharge your health with 65 recipes and lifestyle tips from Arthritis Foodie

Beat Arthritis Naturally : Supercharge your health with 65 recipes and lifestyle tips from Arthritis Foodie


Are you looking for natural remedies to help manage your arthritis symptoms?

Emily Johnson, the founder of Arthritis Foodie, has written the ultimate guide to living well with arthritis. After a five year battle with the condition, Emily embarked on a journey of healing - with food, exercise and healthy living - and now with her debut book she puts us on the path to taking back control of our own bodies.

Beat Arthritis Naturally shares Emily's top tips and tricks for managing symptoms, along with quick exercise sequences and delicious recipes made with unprocessed whole foods, such as Cajun Salmon Burgers, Warming Parsnip Soup and Bright Blueberry Muffins.

Emily delves into a variety of topics to help you naturally feel better, including:
- Healthy delicious recipes
- Key anti-inflammatory foods and potential inflammatory foods
- Pain management
- The importance of sleep
- Mindset and how to think more positively

Combining Emily's own challenges with seronegative arthritis and backed-up expert advice from leading therapists and rheumatologists, Beat Arthritis Naturally will give you the confidence you need to live a healthier and happier life.

'Emily has compiled a fantastic book full of useful and scientifically robust information about how lifestyle and food can help with this debilitating group of conditions. Most people resort to medications alone, when actually we know just how impactful lifestyle can be. Emily is banging the drum for arthritis patients everywhere and this is a must read for anyone suffering alone and looking to improve their wellbeing holistically.' - Dr Rupy Aujla, MBBS, BSc, MRCGP, Founder Doctor's Kitchen

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