What's Stopping You? Being More Confident : Why Smart People Can Lack Confidence and What You Can Do About It

What's Stopping You? Being More Confident : Why Smart People Can Lack Confidence and What You Can Do About It


A prescriptive, commonsense approach to self-confidence and success With his bestselling book, What's Stopping You, Robert Kelsey helped thousands of people conquer their fear of failure and unlock their full potential in life. Now Robert is applying his unique approach to the subject of confidence. According to Robert, it s not something that can simply be injected into us through motivational exercises and positive thinking. What's Stopping You Being More Confident? highlights the key reasons why you might be lacking confidence in the first place, what causes self-doubt or makes you feel less able than others. Then we are shown how to turn this around, by examining the traits that make someone confident. * Follow-up to the ground-breaking bestseller, What's Stopping You?, with the same intelligent approach to self-help * A road map to help us break down the barriers that make us shy away from achieving our full potential * How to recognize what you re good at, but also what you're not good at * Includes tactics for maintaining self-assurance and learning how to apply these in real-life practical situations * Based on extensive research and personal experience "Everyone has moments of doubt - this practical and persoanl book can help remove those demons and boost morale.
I recommend it strongly" Luke Johnson, RSA Chairman, Financial Times columnist and author of Start It Up! "This combination of searing honesty and genuine curiosity about how our lives are shaped makes for compelling reading" Fi Glover, multi-award winning braodcast journalist and BBC radio presenter "An invaluable resource for anyone lacking confidence" John Caunt, author of Boost Your Self-Esteem

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