When Mountains Move

When Mountains Move


New York Times bestseller Cantrell's emotive storytelling shines in this tale of new beginnings, past secrets, and finding a way forward.

Millie's mind is racing and there seems to be no clear line between right and wrong. Either path leads to pain, and she'll do anything to protect the ones she loves. So she decides to bury the truth and begin again, helping Bump launch a ranch in the wilds of Colorado. But just when she thinks she's left her old Mississippi life behind, the facts surface in the most challenging way.

That's when Millie's grandmother, Oka, arrives to help. Relying on her age-old Choctaw traditions, Oka teaches Millie the power of second chances. Millie resists, believing redemption is about as likely as moving mountains. But Oka stands strong, modeling forgiveness as the only true path to freedom.

Together, Bump, Millie, and Oka fight against all odds to create a sustainable ranch, all while learning that the important lessons of their pasts can be used to build a beautiful future.

Praise for When Mountains Move:

"Julie Cantrell's When Mountains Move is a classic American novel of risk-taking, struggle, renewal, and redemption. This book took my breath away. If you loved Ms. Cantrell's debut novel, Into the Free, you will treasure this sequel." -Amy Hill Hearth, New York Times bestselling author of Having Our Say

Sequel to the New York Times bestseller Into the Free
Book length: approximately 90,000 words
Includes a reader's guide, author interview, and discussion questions for book clubs

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